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Funky Chocolate Club Gmbh (a company registered in Switzerland)
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Website Terms of Use
Funky Chocolate Club GmbH uses this website under the policies outlined below and takes your privacy and security seriously.

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We own the content on this site and you may not use it commercially. You use the site at your own risk, we are not responsible if anything bad should happen because you used this website. We also may from time-to-time change the content on the site.
Privacy Policy

The only ways in which we collect information are via the user submitted forms and cookies (see cookie policy below).

The information you provide on the contact forms is up to you. If you’re under 18 you should get the approval of your parents before you give us any of your personal information.

The information you provide will not be sold to third parties or used without your consent.

If there arises a need for further information other than what has been provided, Funky Chocolate Club GmbH will communicate what is involved prior to use.

Funky Chocolate Club GmbH will keep records of your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil requests or further benefits to the user or as required by law.

Full Privacy Policy details can be found here

We collect information via user submitted forms on the website and cookies. We will not sell your information and we will keep your personal details safe.
Cookie Policy
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