True Story
We are a small business with a
team made of family and friends
our story

Funky Chocolate Club first opened in November 2014 by Tatiana.
Her love and passion for chocolate and dream of starting her own business led her to this crazy idea
– to open a meeting point for all chocolate lovers,
–  to share secrets of swiss chocolate with travelers
from all over the world.

In 2021 Sandy and Brad took over and combined their strengths and dedication to expand to a bigger location, offering not just chocolate but much more! Coupled with Brad’s passion for brewed beer and Sandy’s excellent  business sense and curiosity of chocolate they teamed up and joined forces.

That is why you will not only be able to get sweet treats and hot chocolate, you will also be able to eat a tasty dinner from their Hüsi brewbar location next door and try one of Brad’s many exciting flavoured beers, IPA’s and porters which are all brewed onsite.

Together they continue Tatiana’s legacy adding their own personal flair.

Even though chocolate making can be very serious business we try to have as much fun as possible with
all of our products.

Funky Chocolate Club is our dream come true – and yes, we still eat lots of chocolate ourselves.
Please visit us and let’s get #chocolatewasted together!

Welcome to the Workshops!

Our Fun and Informative staff will keep you entertained

in the spotlight
Ranveer Singh
The Indian Bollywood megastar himself! Ranveer Singh joined the workshop during his visit to Switzerland in August 2016.
10 Best Chocolate Shops in Europe for Easter
Funky Chocolate Club featured on Season 2 of the International food show. 

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Samantha brown
Funky Chocolate Club featured on the International food show

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Sweet tooth’s Philipp Weber and Nicky Wong learn how to make their own chocolates!

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Balmers Hostel
The world famous Balmers Hostel is said to be the “best party hostel in Interlaken”. Balmers is an iconic place to stay in Switzerland and we recently had the pleasure of guiding them through the process of making their own Swiss chocolates!

Visit Balmers

Kahe Diya Pardes – Episode 258
Vladamir stars in the soap opera Kahe Diya Pardes!

“Shiv gets worried about Gauri because she goes missing from the cruise and requests Anurag to help him in finding Gauri. Gauri, on the other hand, goes into the Funky Chocolate Club and learns how to make chocolates.

She prepares chocolate for Shiv and also teaches him how to cook.”

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communities digital news
“INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND, November 12, 2016 – A lesson in rationalization. According to the brochure for the “Funky Chocolate Club” in Interlaken, Switzerland, “Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as a salad.”

Voila, and dig in!”

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Indian Tv Show: Swiss Made Adventures
“What’s not to love about Switzerland? It gives Meiyang Chang the space to turn into a Chocolate Boy, while Chef Kunal Kapur basks in the glory of olive oil in sunny Lugano. And Sumona is more than thrilled with the idea of snow throughout the year. They couldn’t have been happier.”
MTV Lebanon
Mechwar explores Interlaken and presents to Lebanon the best places to visit when in town!
Schokolade und Scherlock
An in-depth story of one blogger’s journey through Switzerland and her experience with Funky Chocolate Club!

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