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우리의 이야기
펑키 초콜렛 클럽은 2014 년 11 월에 처음 열었습니다. 초콜릿에 대한 열정과 사랑에 대한 우리의 열정과 사랑은 우리를이 미친 아이디어로 이끌었습니다. 모든 초콜릿 애호가를위한 만남의 장을 열어보십시오. 우리는 초콜릿 제조가 매우 진지한 사업 일지라도 가능한 한 많은 즐거움을 얻으려고 노력합니다. 펑키 초콜렛 클럽은 우리의 꿈이 이루어 지도록합니다. 그렇습니다. 우리는 아직도 많은 초콜릿을 먹습니다. 제발 우리를 방문합시다. 함께 #chocolatewasted하세요!
Tatiana is the founder and self-proclaimed creative director, marketing manager, chief operating officer,
and new business developer of Funky Chocolate Club😉.

She likes to experiment with new flavors and you can often find her here long after closing time.
Even with all her skills and experience her apron is still always covered in chocolate.

In April 2016, Vladimir, a fun-loving chocolatier with a passion for sport joined our team.

He knows about soccer and hockey as much as he knows about crystals of chocolate.

Tell him where you are from – we bet he is going to know details about your local soccer stadium 🙂

Richard married into this business and some would say he didn’t have much choice about joining the team 😉. Luckily, he is always hungry so it was not so hard to persuade him to lead our
all-you-can eat chocolate making-workshops.
With a background in triathlon coaching he is now full-time chocolate making coach.
See if you can pick where his accent is from.
Dori is a perfect mix of European beauty and Swiss precision.
She enjoys workshops with families and decorating chocolate bars.
Part time model, part time chocolatier
– would you believe she starts each day by eating yummy chocolate truffles?
in the spotlight
Ranveer Singh
The Indian Bollywood megastar himself! Ranveer Singh joined the workshop during his visit to Switzerland in August 2016.
10 Best Chocolate Shops in Europe for Easter
Funky Chocolate Club featured on Season 2 of the International food show. 

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Samantha brown
Funky Chocolate Club featured on the International food show

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Sweet tooth’s Philipp Weber and Nicky Wong learn how to make their own chocolates!

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Balmers Hostel
The world famous Balmers Hostel is said to be the “best party hostel in Interlaken”. Balmers is an iconic place to stay in Switzerland and we recently had the pleasure of guiding them through the process of making their own Swiss chocolates!

Visit Balmers

Kahe Diya Pardes – Episode 258
Vladamir stars in the soap opera Kahe Diya Pardes!

“Shiv gets worried about Gauri because she goes missing from the cruise and requests Anurag to help him in finding Gauri. Gauri, on the other hand, goes into the Funky Chocolate Club and learns how to make chocolates.

She prepares chocolate for Shiv and also teaches him how to cook.”

Watch the segment..

communities digital news
“INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND, November 12, 2016 – A lesson in rationalization. According to the brochure for the “Funky Chocolate Club” in Interlaken, Switzerland, “Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as a salad.”

Voila, and dig in!”

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Indian Tv Show: Swiss Made Adventures
“What’s not to love about Switzerland? It gives Meiyang Chang the space to turn into a Chocolate Boy, while Chef Kunal Kapur basks in the glory of olive oil in sunny Lugano. And Sumona is more than thrilled with the idea of snow throughout the year. They couldn’t have been happier.”
MTV Lebanon
Mechwar explores Interlaken and presents to Lebanon the best places to visit when in town!
Schokolade und Scherlock
An in-depth story of one blogger’s journey through Switzerland and her experience with Funky Chocolate Club!

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