Our most popular product, fresh strawberries covered in melted chocolate


drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream
***Good for 2 people***


Please ask for the daily flavor of our home made cheesecake


Please ask for our surprise cake of the day

Fresh assorted Pralines/ 1,80 each

A wide selection of fresh assorted pralines to choose from. We offer gift boxes in 3, 6, 8, 10 boxes.


Traditional Dutch stroopwafels filled with a layer of caramel and dipped in melted chocolate, topped with a variety of delicious sprinkles.

MARLENKA Cake / 8.50

Traditional chocolate-honey layer cake drizzled with fine melted chocolate

Award winning Chocolate bars  /

We offer a range of locally and exclusively produced chocolate bars, vegan and gluten-free variants are also available from our shop.

Our brand new location is now OPEN! We have a beautiful café offering all your favourite chocolates and desserts, cold and hot drinks and exclusive draught beers.

Come and try our famous fresh strawberries with melted chocolate or treat yourself to a Marlenka cake or cheesecake combined with our secret hot chocolate recipe. We have something for everyone, including our home-brewed beers on tap.

We offer a wide range of chocolates as well as locally produced, sustainable chocolate bars. Our new vegan range is also delicious!

Book a workshop and spend an enjoyable hour with our trained chocolatier learning all about chocolate, how to temper it and how to make beautifully decorated chocolate bars to take home and share with your friends and family (or not…) An added bonus: you can eat and taste as much chocolate as you like!


We are a small company with a team of family and friends

This little award winning gem of a business was founded by Tatiana who had a dream and made it happen!  Sandy and Brad took over the business in 2021 and combined their strengths and commitment to expand and open a larger location offering not just chocolate, but much more! Combined with Brad’s passion for brewing beer and Sandy’s excellent business acumen and curiosity about chocolate, they teamed up.



For this reason, you can try chocolate, locally brewed beer (even a chocolate porter is popular), delicious desserts and tasty hot dishes served in the evening by their partner company, Hüsi Bierhaus.

Come and try this culinary experience for yourself!