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the meeting place for all chocolate lovers

Our passion for chocolate and our love for Switzerland led us to open the Funky Chocolate Club!


Is it even possible to enjoy chocolate even more? Learn to taste like a professional Swiss connoisseur. Recognize the types, quality and proportions of cocoa. Our workshops are ALL YOU CAN EAT, so don’t eat lunch first!


We will teach you the process called “tempering the chocolate”. It is a process in which the chocolate is first cooled, causing the fatty acid crystals to form a nucleus around which other fatty acids crystallize. Too much jargon? No worries, we explain everything in the workshop.


Whether you like it simple and just cover your candy bars with nuts, or “R.I.P. Diet” haha, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creative side out! It’s your masterpiece!

Make Chocolate

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